Saturday, 21 July 2012

What was left unsaid by the media about the Dark Knight Rises rampage in Colorado

 "The suspect bought four guns over the past 60 days, and over the Internet bought 3,000 rounds for an assault rifle, 3,000 rounds for Glock handguns and about 300 shotgun rounds. The suspect also had a 100-round drum-style magazine for the assault rifle that would have allowed him to fire 50 to 60 rounds a minute." - The Wall Street Journal

I have a question, of rhetorical nature, and a suggestion:

Question: How do you expect to stop these acts of lunacy when it's cheaper to buy four guns and  6,000 rounds of ammunition than to buy a damn washing machine?!!

Suggestion: There will always be some insane socio-path with a bright idea and a weird look in his eyes, trying to cause's unavoidable in the current social environment we live in. The system literally breads these people. The recent incident in Colorado cost the guy around $1000...fact is, my scooter cost more than that. So let's be honest here. I'm not saying that if the ammunition were expensive there wouldn't be any socio-paths any more. That can't change without a drastic change to the system its self.. all I'm saying is that if doing what this guy did cost a million dollars to set in motion, he wouldn't be ABLE to do what he did with the spare change that he had in his pocket. He would've stayed home, jerked off while watching Rambo one more time like he does every night, and he would've kept his narcissistic, derange, violent thoughts to himself while frequently visiting the kitchen to fix himself up with another prozac cocktail. 

So stop pretending this was just a "random incident" or an "act of random violence" that has nothing to do with the fact that guns and bullets cost so cheap in order for the governments to be able to continue to conduct their global war games on a cheap budget. Mr. Obama, and every other president, whenever something like this happens, always makes a public announcement to announce...nothing! I'm still surprised they even call it an "announcement," I really don't hear anything being "announced." They just express their sadness and their support to the families of the victims publicly. They think they can get away with it that easily... well, no, they cannot! No, you shouldn't let them! What you are doing Mr. president is a "public expression," and it's not even close to being an "announcement." 

Here's an announcement of a MEASURE any president with some common sense and ethics would've stated in response to these horrible acts:

"Raise the prices on every type of fire arm and send them through the roof, make a single bullet cost $5,000 and watch the violence traffic slow down faster than you can say "bang!" 


  1. These are all valid points and the questions in everybody's minds really. But although raising the prices of guns and ammunition may reduce the number of gun-like attacks by problematic people, it doesn't really solve the core problem.

    Which is mainly the psychological problems that lead to such actions, problems which derive from potentially problematic familial interactions and childhood traumas, or even societal disease.

    I'll be honest here. This person was what could be considered an intelligent person (considering he was doing a PhD), so basically something horrible led him do what he did. Perhaps over-thinking the vanity of everything, or even just wanting to leave a "legacy"(!)... be it this horrendous crime!

    I guess what I'm trying to say, is that all these are somewhat unavoidable in life. The phrase "shit happens" was thought of for many reasons. I'm not being insensitive and I am really sorry things like this happen (being a psychologist myself) but it's only fair to ask that people accept that many things in life ought to be wrong!

    Having said that though, it doesn't mean we should make actions like the above doable and easy to follow through. Hence, my complete agreement with your points. Still, it won't make much difference considering the way the black market and political things work.

    Sorry for the long comment! :)

  2. By the way a very good read on the event:

    1. "gun rights advocates, in and out of government, proclaimed (before the bodies were even moved) that one proper way to combat gun violence in movie theaters is to permit more people to bring guns into movie theaters."

      HAHA! Seriously, I completely cracked up when I read this! Darwin would be very proud right now..."see? I told you we come from apes." LOL

    2. Yeah I know! Evidence is all around us! :P

  3. I totally agree with you that this solution does not address the roots of the problem...the root of the problem, as you already mentioned, is the "production" of these individuals from our social environment.I just don't believe our Zeitgeist is carved in stone and I refuse to accept it as an unchangeable factor. So the phrase "shit happens," even though its accurate, I don't embrace it. When a tsunami runs over a city and kills thousands, I agree...shit happens. When a psychopath enters a movie theater and guns down 12 people, I don't agree... this shit doesn't just happen. There will always be a social, economical, or psychological factor which is changeable that helped create this individual.

    You know, through your expertise in psychology, that nothing...absolutely nothing...of the "materials" we consider as vital for creating a socio-path is DNA inherited or processed. Meaning that what goes wrong...went wrong after you were born...usually during childhood. The son of a socio-path doesn't turn into a socio-path himself because he inherited this behaviour through his father's DNA...he turned into a socio-path because he spend his entire childhood living and learning from a socio-path. Every aspect of our social environment can be influenced and basically, no human intentional action is's calculated to perfection by the social environment we live in.

    The fact that this guy is a neuroscientist is worrying, but not a surprise. I believe this proves one thing...humanism, is not intelligence-based. It's ethic-based. What matters is not how intelligent you are, but what drives your intelligence...the morals with which you construct your personality. "Forrest Gump," though a work of fiction, promotes a message with which I agree completely. :)

    1. I see your point but you are somewhat wrong in your second point. The fact is everybody is carrying in them DNA which could lead them to become what we call a psychopath or a sociopath. But you are very right by saying the environment plays a huge role. As the matter of fact the environment acts like the trigger to everything good/bad you are or have done as a human being. Of course carrying such DNA is not an excuse and yes I believe, as a psychologist, that since environment is most of the times moldable, we ought to do something about it.

      But what I'm saying really is that there will always be events like these that are disgusting. It's not unusual at all considering the animalistic nature of humans. I'm not saying we should embrace them but at least we shouldn't be shocked or say "I can't believe this happened" when in the meantime the US is killing thousands of people every day either though war or through mental slavery!

      As for your last point I completely agree!

  4. I wasn't aware that psychological conditions can be embedded and passed down through DNA...I stand corrected then, you are a lot more knowledgeable in this field than I am. So the correct statement would be that an individual can in fact inherit a sort of "dangerous" DNA, but that genetic material won't have the chance to express its self if the individual spends his upbringing in a very healthy, humane social environment. Like having a bomb inside you that was never triggered.

  5. Really like what I see here with your blog and thanks so much for visiting mine! Will definitely be following your writing as well. Good job and agreed with post completely!

  6. I'm glad you like the blog and thank you for following my writing...I hope I won't disappoint.