Sunday, 2 September 2012

Declaration of treason

Starting from a very young age, we have been educated into despising the traitor. Some examples of real life traitors are well known but not surprisingly, most traitors that will naturally cross your mind when you contemplate on the concept of "treason," are either conducting treason against their government, their countrymen, or their god... and their entire existence is either historically debatable or their actions were never proven. Think about the one who betrays...

His country -> Lee Harvey Oswald (supposedly murdered John F Kennedy, but his involvement was back then and still is today, highly controversial, with no real solid evidence, earning him the nickname "most famous scapegoat of all time."

His comrades -> Ephialtes (the spartan who betrayed the notorious 300 to the Persians. The Greek historian Herodotus mentions his betrayal, which makes his presence in history more solid and proof-based than the next traitor I plan to write about. But it's also well known that Greek's have a habit of exaggerating and very frequently, even blending mythology with real historical events. Troy comes to mind... but even if this traitor was real, (he probably was) his name slowly took mythological proportions within the Greek community. It became such a massive tool for ethnic propaganda, that even his name Ephialtes... is not even a name any more. In Greek, "ephialtes" means "nightmare," which seems like a very effective way of embedding the concept "traitors = evil = nightmares"  into young children's minds so they don't even think about double-crossing the state later on in their lives.

His god -> Judas Iscariot (needs no introduction. The most famous traitor to date. His acts were never mentioned by any historians of his time, nor documented in any way. Actually, he is never mentioned anywhere in any form or context by any other source with the exception of the bible, which is a religious book, making his historical existence entirely a matter of personal faith.)

So these are basically the three most notorious representatives in our modern perception of the concept "treason." One of them was probably wrongfully accused and set up in a major conspiracy. The other one has ended up being a symbolic figure rather than an actual historical persona and the third one is questionable if he even existed at all. And my question is:

If the definition of "treason" is the violation of one's allegiance towards his nation and government... then wasn't Ernesto Che Guevara a traitor? Wasn't Guy Fawkes a traitor? Wasn't Oscar Schindler a traitor? Wasn't Lenin the biggest traitor in modern history? 

These examples of treason are tremendous in scale and effect... and unlike the three gods of treason above, these individuals and their historical significance is UNQUESTIONABLE and not up for debate by historians! But let's take the bible for a moment and let's consider it as an accurate source of history... wasn't Jesus from Nazareth a traitor of the religious Jewish dogma of his time? Because even though he was a Jew, his followers didn't become Jews... they became Christians. The reasons for that is because his preachings had almost nothing in common with the preachings of the old testament. Even though the Jews were preaching that they were the chosen race from God... he preached that all men and women are equal. He demolished all notion of state punishment for crimes such as prostitution, theft, murder and blasphemy and favoured forgiveness and redemption through faith rather through punishment. Basically, completely bypassing the old testament Jewish-centered ethnic values and throwing them into the trash can.  

If that's not treason...then I don't know what is.

But why aren't these individuals thought of as traitors?
Why the educational and political system doesn't want you to see these men as traitors?
Who has more to gain from these people not being defined as traitors in our perception of the concept...
a righteous government, as conceived by Plato himself...

...or a corrupt one?!!! 

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