Thursday, 25 April 2013

Airport Scrutiny Officers

An airport "security" officer was fucking around with my carry-on bag before boarding. The bag had already passed through the x-ray system and nothing "explosive" was found. But he decided to give my bag some personal attention, probably because I haven't shaved for a couple of weeks, which is apparently the first step towards becoming a terrorist.

He went through my stuff and found nothing but books, toothbrushes, boxer shorts and an external hard drive.

"What do you have on the hard drive sir?" He asked.
"Actually," I replied, "the answer to that question could be found within the question you really wanted to ask, but you didn't. The question you really wanted to ask was:

"What personal data do you have on the hard drive sir?"

This question answers its self, therefore it's a meaningless question; therefore a stupid one. It took a few moments of awkward silence for his basic human intellect to kick in, but eventually he just threw my stuff back in the bag and allowed me to pass. That's not airport security... that's airport scrutiny.

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