Sunday, 20 October 2013

Free to be a slave

Inside a prison cell there is always a man most people rarely notice. A quiet man. Always sitting in the corner, saying nothing; contemplating. When all of his fellow inmates rush to the window to stare out into their past he resists his urge for freedom and stays put, alone in the darkness... he knows the past outside that window is only there to break him. He knows the future out there is only there to tempt him. This man knows that neither mud nor stars can chew away the iron of a prison cell. And one day, while everybody else will still be looking out that window, he will be long gone... cause he found a way to tear that prison cell apart.

Breaking the prison cell is more important than actually getting out of the prison cell. Some of us get out of their prisons with some luck, some random fortune which sometimes happens in our lives, a fallen key on the floor or a random life-changing incident. But when that happens, we are not really free... we're always one step away from going back into our own personal prisons again. We still feel vulnerable. Dominated by our fears and our repetitious tendency for submission.

Breaking the chains that bind you is more important than freedom its self; cause once you break your chains... there is no force in the world that will try to chain you back again that you won't be able to retaliate against on an equal or even greater scale.

In this prison you live, perhaps one day someone will offer you a way out and open the doors wide open for you to crawl out through. Be smart and refuse it. Say "I don't want to get out of this prison, thank you very much...

...I want to stay here until I find a way to burn this prison to the ground!"

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