Thursday, 9 January 2014

The living fiction

People will forget your words. They will discard what you said. People will forget all that you did. How successful you have become, how passionate you were about your work, your art. Your greatest masterpiece will eventually become a thing of the past, a reference in lectures, a cute story, mere decoration on the wall of history. If all that you are is words and deeds, motives and expectations, then what is the real difference between you and any fictional character found in any cheap coffee-table book? He speaks, he acts, he feels, he succeeds and at the end of the final page... he dies. Even if he is still alive and well in the story, once you read the words "the end" at the final page the truth is... he's gone. He becomes a memory, a mention, a trophy of entertainment. 

But people will never forget how you made them feel... never. 

To spark a warm feeling; to fuel the emotion of the moment. To be the causality of someone's joy... is to excel in life. A true triumph of human existence. I don't care how alive and well you are. I don't care about your organic cells, the blood that runs through your veins or the intellect capacity of your brains. If you cannot claim to be the cause of someone's greatest joy... you are a work of fiction.

It's remarkable how you can trim all philosophies, all ideologies, all beliefs and reduce them down to one single sentence. Do we really need 10 commandments? Do we really need endless tomes of mystic scripture and unending debates about morality and ethics? What if all we need is one, single sentence:

Make people feel loved... and excel at it!

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