Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Victoria's secret revealed

What's up with all these girls (and some boys) posing with their underwear and taking pictures of themselves in the damn mirror? Jesus Christ, they've given the word "self-awareness" a whole new meaning! 

Here's an idea, if you wanna see yourself... look in the mirror! And if you want other people to see you, ask someone else to take a picture of you. Yeah, apparently this is why we have these devices. What's the matter, no one around to take that pic for you? Too scared that if you ask daddy he will smash your face in? Or that your best friend will tell everyone at school? You show me a "sexy" pic of a girl taking her own pic in the mirror and I'll show you a sad pic of a girl who doesn't have anyone trustworthy in her life to take that pic for her. 

I have nothing against sexy pictures nor I have anything against people showing off their good looks. But I don't care how beautiful you are; locking yourself in the bathroom and taking a picture of yourself in the mirror while trying not to reveal your face with your iPhone is not sexy; it's just sad.

So do the world a favor and find another hobby or someone to take your picture that will appreciate your beauty. Besides, it's 2014 girls... 

...we all know Victoria's secret is Photoshop!

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