Wednesday, 14 May 2014

It's time we shave reality.

Ok, since this whole "woman with a beard" topic has already been blown way out of proportion by the corporate media,  I'm going to drag it down back to earth even though I usually try to avoid being "topical." 

First off let's start with a statement: I couldn't care less if women have beards. Or if men wear dresses. Or if someone is a man or a woman. The same way I don't care if Star Wars is better than Star Trek or if dogs truly enjoy licking their own asses. I simply don't care. [end of statement]

Now, let's move on to the reality of things: A cross-dresser wins a lame, pseudo-flamboyant and utterly pointless song contest, which only seems to exist so the media have something to distract normal middle-class people from how bad they're being fucked by the upper 1% on a daily basis.

This cross-dresser won this lame contest by singing a lame song. Completely forgettable and stripped of any originality or musical authenticity, it's commercial music done by the numbers; no more, no less. You want proof? I dare you to sing the chorus in your head right now... you can't do it, can you? That's because the song wasn't even worth a single Watt of memory power from your brain.

This cross-dresser also has a beard... which is nothing new by the way. Just Google the name Eddie Izzard, one of my favorite comedians. Check out his shows if you like, hilarious and extremely intelligent.

Some people (mostly religious fanatics, patriarchic stereotypes, men with superiority complex and plain old-fashion stupid people) go ballistic over these things and start complaining; which is fair. I am a passionate supporter of free speech, and people should have the freedom to complain about whatever they want... even stupid things. But as is usually the case with these type of morons, after about a minute from expressing their complaints, they start having demands... they think they have the right to tell you how to dress. They want to tell you how to behave. Who to like, how to think, where you should and shouldn't be, what is a sin and what is the proper, the standard, the aesthetically pleasing, the visually revolting, what you can sell (bonds, stocks, health insurance and grade A Uranium) what you can't sell (weed and sex) the norm and the order of things you should live your life by.

Here's an idea guys; if you don't like a woman with a beard... then don't hit on one. You see, I don't like women with beards either, I'm just old-fashioned that way. The difference between you and me is that even though I don't like women with facial hair, when and if I see one, I'm not going to demand of that woman to alter her behavior or her own personal tastes just to suit my needs! I will not walk up to that woman with a sharp razor like a self-obsessed lunatic and insist that she shaves her beard simply because I don't like it. I will simply not pay attention and shift my attention to the women who have no beards as we all subsequently move on with our lives.

And then there are some other people... I'm talking about  these pretentious, fake, passive-aggressive wannabe social "activists" with their iPads, and their iPhones, and their mouths stuffed with Big Macs! The ones who draw beards on their faces and take selfies to show their support to the "cause." Guys, sorry to tell you this, but we're not talking about Gandhi here. And we're not talking about a feminist who grew a beard in order to prove a point on gender inequality either. (I'm all in for that, I think feminists have a point there.) No... we are simply talking about a commercial pop singer, who found a semi-extreme and mildly provocative way to stand out from the sea of strikingly boring and completely forgettable songs in order to sell his own strikingly boring and completely forgettable song just to win a stupid, lame-ass contest; to gain exposure, to achieve fame, media coverage, commercial success and of course to make money! There is no cause here! It's not a social cause if you end up making money from it! It's just another marketing trick and you all fell for it. 
I'm all in for what Eddie Izzard is doing and I couldn't care less about his sexual preferences or his looks. The difference is that you don't go to an Izzard show because he is a transvestite... you go because he is brilliant at what he does! The same thing cannot be said about Conchita, whose looks are obviously her record company's main and only selling point.

Let's face it... the only reason you got involved in this is because the media literally shoved this whole beard thing down your throats, again to distract you from actual, real social issues. You were once again, the victims of media marketing and product placement. Gender inequality has been an issue for thousands of years now... what were you doing about gender inequality a few days ago?! 

Were you lying in bed alone at night thinking: "You know, women are forced to tolerate men's hairy, stinky repulsive faces whether they like it or not, so why aren't women allowed by society to do the same to men? This is simply not right, I wonder what I can do to change this." No, you weren't! 

What did you do the last time a woman was forced to marry her own rapist?

How come the last time a woman was stoned to death for having an affair, the only notification I got from you on Facebook was a Candy Crush invitation?

Stop pretending that you care. Truth is that you became a care bear overnight because such was the trend of the day, nothing more nothing less! That's what your media-corporate owners behind the looking glass wanted you to do and guess what... you obeyed!


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