Tuesday, 7 August 2012

"The Infidel" - The Torn Apart Original Score


The Torn Apart will follow in the same direction that was set up by The Unwords, by breaking out of the traditional "book" format. Now, why would a book need a soundtrack? Well, I guess that just like its predecessor...it might not be "just words" after all.

I hope you like the track...The Infidel was named after the title of the first chapter of The Torn. More tracks will follow soon.


  1. Thanks, I had a feeling you would like this track... There's some metal elements there... :)

  2. Of course. :) Do you have some more? It doesn't have to be related to the book... New sound is always good to hear.
    Now I have a feeling that Torn, as you call it, is going to be even more creative than the previous one. :)

    1. I have composed many "songs" by now but frankly, I have no idea where they are or if I still have them after numerous pc formats...:) I'm not a musician at all, so I'm very casual when it comes to my music, it's just something I do for fun once every blue moon. If I find anything I'll be more than happy to send it to you.

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