This completely ad-free blog features the writings of an anonymous author whose main focus is to elaborate upon various social and moral issues with relentless honesty, without being influenced by personal ambition, profitability or need for recognition.

A professional painter and writer, Non is known for his extreme levels of introspection and self-sarcasm, his highly unusual creative methods, as well for the relentless honesty with which he writes. 

The author engages in heavy social criticism, critical analysis of world events, psychological interpretation of common every day scenarios and places human relationships, education, religion, politics and every other form of social institution under the microscope in an attempt to engage the reader, to inform, to inspire, and hopefully help create a better, more honest understanding of the world we live in. 

There are no rules about participating in conversations or any guidelines. The author simply asks that you respect his anonymity.

Spread The Unwords...Leave Nothing Unsaid!

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