Thursday, 9 August 2012

9 common expressions we use to bullshit each other - Part 2/5

3) "Free market..."

Barack Obama - "Contrary to the claims of some of my critics and some of the editorial pages, I am an ardent believer in the free market." 

That's great Mr. Obama, the only problem is that...there is no such thing as a "free" market. 

There are two possible definitions of the word "free." a) At no cost, and b) Not under the control or in the power of another. We can easily exclude the first defin
ition cause you can use many adjectives to describe a market in which everything is up for sale, but "free" is obviously not one of them.

As for the second definition, I'd really like a Ferrari right now, but unfortunately I can't afford it Mr.Obama. You see, many goods within this "free" market have a certain price tag on them that are directed towards SPECIFIC classes and people...freedom which is the privilege of a few is not freedom at all, you should know this better than anyone, the black community has suffered long enough under these "exclusive liberties." Basically, this market is not free due to the fact that it's a slave of monetary inflation, corporate ownership and because normal middle-class people can only afford the bullshit left-overs. Free market only exists for corporations and upper-class individuals. So please, use the right words next time... what you are an ardent believer in is the "corporate market." Not the "free" one. Free market is the market in which all resources are available and affordable to everyone. A market in which anyone can sell AND buy anything...and it's non existent.

4) "My God is the Alpha and the Omega..."

...then who the f#@k created the alphabet?!!

Don't rush to conclusions, I'm not an atheist...I'm a gnostic, meaning that I follow the gnosis (knowledge) to whatever conclusion it leads me. And I can see many valid evidence apparent in nature which support the possibility of an intelligent designer. But my personal beliefs are not the topic here. One thing is for sure, religious people need to start moving away from their ancient scriptures and start finding more intelligent ways to express their faith in a divine being if they don't want to sound palaeolithic. Most expressions in these scriptures do not hold their ground in the 21st century simply because people are extremely more intelligent and educative now than what they were 2000 years ago... It has certainly worked back then, but you cannot get away with quotes like that in the modern era. The same way you cannot get away with stuff like "God created the earth, light, darkness, dry land, the seas and vegetation BEFORE creating the sun, the moon and the stars." You simply cannot say that in this day and age, when we already know through science that the stars, the sun (which is a star on its own) and the cosmos are billions of years older than the earth its self. So religious people, do your God a favour and stop quoting from the book of Genesis. There's a huge difference between believing in "God" and believing in a "book about a God."

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  1. 3. The Obama dude is a sad stupid figure. There is a proverb that says something like this: Give a person power and you'll see who you are dealing with. I think we all saw it. He's not even funny... So, no, he doesn't remember...
    Mr Obama dude, I want to be a citizen of Scotland, but I cannot afford it.
    4. :D This was good! That book was written after the Christ's death (again, according to another book) and after the Christianity was established. I do go to church (I like priests and monks, so I will burn in the non existing Hellfire - don't care). But I will never understand how the "religious" people lost reason. Or where...

  2. Both excellent points. Second one brilliant. It's time science and reason take the place they deserve. [and no dinosaurs were not extinct because they didn't fit into Noa's ark!] :D

  3. I don't think Obama is stupid at all. I kind of like him actually, he seems completely aware of the "game" and he's trying to pass some reforms that will do his people a great deal of good and no republican would ever go near those reforms. But it is a "game" and he knows he can't break the rules if he doesn't want to get shot in the face like some other american president who tried to expose the players. He has to invade Iran, keep the bankers rich and his sponsors happy by doing exactly what the corporations tell him to do. he knows this... It's a shame that with this system in hand, it doesn't really matter who the president is... but I'm sure that in an alternate, more just system he would be a great president, I have no doubt about that.