Sunday, 16 November 2014

A tornado of razor blades

When you face a blank canvas... or a blank sheet of paper, what do you hope for? What do you strive to achieve? A release of your emotions? Is that what we want to create? A lover, a friend, a punching bag? Why do we imprint ourselves on something that people will eventually define its value with a price tag? If I love you with all my heart... then why do I place that love on something that people will only care about if it matches the colors of their living room curtains? 

When I face a blank page I see the distance... I can feel the vacuum that awaits me. And as the words gradually come into place, violently setting in motion the strings of my thoughts like a tornado of razor blades ripping through everything, there is no doubt in my mind that what I participate in is not a graceful dance between creativity and language...'s a vendetta between self and the vacuum. 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

It's time we shave reality.

Ok, since this whole "woman with a beard" topic has already been blown way out of proportion by the corporate media,  I'm going to drag it down back to earth even though I usually try to avoid being "topical." 

First off let's start with a statement: I couldn't care less if women have beards. Or if men wear dresses. Or if someone is a man or a woman. The same way I don't care if Star Wars is better than Star Trek or if dogs truly enjoy licking their own asses. I simply don't care. [end of statement]

Now, let's move on to the reality of things: A cross-dresser wins a lame, pseudo-flamboyant and utterly pointless song contest, which only seems to exist so the media have something to distract normal middle-class people from how bad they're being fucked by the upper 1% on a daily basis.

This cross-dresser won this lame contest by singing a lame song. Completely forgettable and stripped of any originality or musical authenticity, it's commercial music done by the numbers; no more, no less. You want proof? I dare you to sing the chorus in your head right now... you can't do it, can you? That's because the song wasn't even worth a single Watt of memory power from your brain.

This cross-dresser also has a beard... which is nothing new by the way. Just Google the name Eddie Izzard, one of my favorite comedians. Check out his shows if you like, hilarious and extremely intelligent.

Some people (mostly religious fanatics, patriarchic stereotypes, men with superiority complex and plain old-fashion stupid people) go ballistic over these things and start complaining; which is fair. I am a passionate supporter of free speech, and people should have the freedom to complain about whatever they want... even stupid things. But as is usually the case with these type of morons, after about a minute from expressing their complaints, they start having demands... they think they have the right to tell you how to dress. They want to tell you how to behave. Who to like, how to think, where you should and shouldn't be, what is a sin and what is the proper, the standard, the aesthetically pleasing, the visually revolting, what you can sell (bonds, stocks, health insurance and grade A Uranium) what you can't sell (weed and sex) the norm and the order of things you should live your life by.

Here's an idea guys; if you don't like a woman with a beard... then don't hit on one. You see, I don't like women with beards either, I'm just old-fashioned that way. The difference between you and me is that even though I don't like women with facial hair, when and if I see one, I'm not going to demand of that woman to alter her behavior or her own personal tastes just to suit my needs! I will not walk up to that woman with a sharp razor like a self-obsessed lunatic and insist that she shaves her beard simply because I don't like it. I will simply not pay attention and shift my attention to the women who have no beards as we all subsequently move on with our lives.

And then there are some other people... I'm talking about  these pretentious, fake, passive-aggressive wannabe social "activists" with their iPads, and their iPhones, and their mouths stuffed with Big Macs! The ones who draw beards on their faces and take selfies to show their support to the "cause." Guys, sorry to tell you this, but we're not talking about Gandhi here. And we're not talking about a feminist who grew a beard in order to prove a point on gender inequality either. (I'm all in for that, I think feminists have a point there.) No... we are simply talking about a commercial pop singer, who found a semi-extreme and mildly provocative way to stand out from the sea of strikingly boring and completely forgettable songs in order to sell his own strikingly boring and completely forgettable song just to win a stupid, lame-ass contest; to gain exposure, to achieve fame, media coverage, commercial success and of course to make money! There is no cause here! It's not a social cause if you end up making money from it! It's just another marketing trick and you all fell for it. 
I'm all in for what Eddie Izzard is doing and I couldn't care less about his sexual preferences or his looks. The difference is that you don't go to an Izzard show because he is a transvestite... you go because he is brilliant at what he does! The same thing cannot be said about Conchita, whose looks are obviously her record company's main and only selling point.

Let's face it... the only reason you got involved in this is because the media literally shoved this whole beard thing down your throats, again to distract you from actual, real social issues. You were once again, the victims of media marketing and product placement. Gender inequality has been an issue for thousands of years now... what were you doing about gender inequality a few days ago?! 

Were you lying in bed alone at night thinking: "You know, women are forced to tolerate men's hairy, stinky repulsive faces whether they like it or not, so why aren't women allowed by society to do the same to men? This is simply not right, I wonder what I can do to change this." No, you weren't! 

What did you do the last time a woman was forced to marry her own rapist?

How come the last time a woman was stoned to death for having an affair, the only notification I got from you on Facebook was a Candy Crush invitation?

Stop pretending that you care. Truth is that you became a care bear overnight because such was the trend of the day, nothing more nothing less! That's what your media-corporate owners behind the looking glass wanted you to do and guess what... you obeyed!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Victoria's secret revealed

What's up with all these girls (and some boys) posing with their underwear and taking pictures of themselves in the damn mirror? Jesus Christ, they've given the word "self-awareness" a whole new meaning! 

Here's an idea, if you wanna see yourself... look in the mirror! And if you want other people to see you, ask someone else to take a picture of you. Yeah, apparently this is why we have these devices. What's the matter, no one around to take that pic for you? Too scared that if you ask daddy he will smash your face in? Or that your best friend will tell everyone at school? You show me a "sexy" pic of a girl taking her own pic in the mirror and I'll show you a sad pic of a girl who doesn't have anyone trustworthy in her life to take that pic for her. 

I have nothing against sexy pictures nor I have anything against people showing off their good looks. But I don't care how beautiful you are; locking yourself in the bathroom and taking a picture of yourself in the mirror while trying not to reveal your face with your iPhone is not sexy; it's just sad.

So do the world a favor and find another hobby or someone to take your picture that will appreciate your beauty. Besides, it's 2014 girls... 

...we all know Victoria's secret is Photoshop!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

The living fiction

People will forget your words. They will discard what you said. People will forget all that you did. How successful you have become, how passionate you were about your work, your art. Your greatest masterpiece will eventually become a thing of the past, a reference in lectures, a cute story, mere decoration on the wall of history. If all that you are is words and deeds, motives and expectations, then what is the real difference between you and any fictional character found in any cheap coffee-table book? He speaks, he acts, he feels, he succeeds and at the end of the final page... he dies. Even if he is still alive and well in the story, once you read the words "the end" at the final page the truth is... he's gone. He becomes a memory, a mention, a trophy of entertainment. 

But people will never forget how you made them feel... never. 

To spark a warm feeling; to fuel the emotion of the moment. To be the causality of someone's joy... is to excel in life. A true triumph of human existence. I don't care how alive and well you are. I don't care about your organic cells, the blood that runs through your veins or the intellect capacity of your brains. If you cannot claim to be the cause of someone's greatest joy... you are a work of fiction.

It's remarkable how you can trim all philosophies, all ideologies, all beliefs and reduce them down to one single sentence. Do we really need 10 commandments? Do we really need endless tomes of mystic scripture and unending debates about morality and ethics? What if all we need is one, single sentence:

Make people feel loved... and excel at it!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Three things in books I can do without

a) Love triangles.

They are everywhere now and for no good reason; thrillers, mysteries, adventures, fiction, non-fiction, you name it. A writer is stuck and has run out of ideas on how to move his story forward and boom! A love triangle surfaces which ends up being half the book. Love triangles are a powerful plot mechanism when the plot is in fact the love life of the main characters. Anna Karenina is a good example here. Pride and Prejudice is also a good example of when a love triangle works. But in The Hunger Games series for example, the story began as a very sophisticated and thought-provoking examination of our society and especially the corruption in the media and our obsession with entertainment. All this through the eyes of a very smart, strong-willed, and extremely likable female lead. How did this very interesting plot end up being a "who will she end up with?" story and who do I have to kill to make this shit go away?! (I don't like criticizing other authors and I usually avoid it. I have made an exception this time because I believe an example was needed to make my point clear.)

b) Front covers in which the author's name is ten times larger than the title.

This is basically the publisher telling you that the author of the book is more important than the book. This only makes sense if you're reading a biography or general non-fiction. Otherwise, it's just another marketing scheme, a way to make the author's name stick in your subconscious. Personally, the cover of a book is very important to me. I am in love with the visual arts and I do judge a book by its cover. When a cover is overwhelmed by the presence of the author's name written in giant, bold letters that take over half the surface of the cover, I feel a giant "ego" floating around in the room... and it's not mine.

c) Stuff and people coming out of nowhere to solve everything.

"Deus ex machina" in Latin, or "ἀπὸ μηχανῆς θεός" in Greek (they invented this plot technique) or "who the fuck is this person and what is he doing here" in English. You know what I'm talking about... "experts" and "specialists" who appear mid-way through the story in order to give you all the information you need and then exit the story as suddenly as they appeared, never to be seen again, or simply die in the following chapter because there is no more use for them in the story. Or the dead victim who miraculously isn't dead after all and crawls towards the killer and stabs him in the foot so your character can escape, and then the killer kills this victim again... for good this time. This technique was cute for about an hour, two and a half thousand years ago. Now it's just exhausting to read.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Free to be a slave

Inside a prison cell there is always a man most people rarely notice. A quiet man. Always sitting in the corner, saying nothing; contemplating. When all of his fellow inmates rush to the window to stare out into their past he resists his urge for freedom and stays put, alone in the darkness... he knows the past outside that window is only there to break him. He knows the future out there is only there to tempt him. This man knows that neither mud nor stars can chew away the iron of a prison cell. And one day, while everybody else will still be looking out that window, he will be long gone... cause he found a way to tear that prison cell apart.

Breaking the prison cell is more important than actually getting out of the prison cell. Some of us get out of their prisons with some luck, some random fortune which sometimes happens in our lives, a fallen key on the floor or a random life-changing incident. But when that happens, we are not really free... we're always one step away from going back into our own personal prisons again. We still feel vulnerable. Dominated by our fears and our repetitious tendency for submission.

Breaking the chains that bind you is more important than freedom its self; cause once you break your chains... there is no force in the world that will try to chain you back again that you won't be able to retaliate against on an equal or even greater scale.

In this prison you live, perhaps one day someone will offer you a way out and open the doors wide open for you to crawl out through. Be smart and refuse it. Say "I don't want to get out of this prison, thank you very much...

...I want to stay here until I find a way to burn this prison to the ground!"

Monday, 7 October 2013

Fun trivia about The Unwords

1) The Unwords is the only book in the modern market that has neither an author’s name nor a publisher’s name on its front and back cover. Only the title is present.

2) The author was listening to the album “10,000 Days” by Tool during the entire creative process of The Unwords. The album was on repeat mode on his work computer for over five years.

3) The first chapter of The Unwords was the last one written and the closing sentence of The Unwords was the first sentence the author wrote when he began the project in 2005.

4) In 2012, The Unwords became a Goodreads Choice Award Finalist, the first ever book to be nominated in the history of Goodreads that didn't have an identifiable author.

5) The official release day of the second edition of The Unwords was September 1st, 2013. It was a Sunday... bookstores are shut on Sundays.

6) Due to his anonymity, the author created five different ways he could prove his real identity from within the contents of the book as a way to protect his work from copyright infringement during the book’s pre-publication period. Even though these methods of identification were no longer necessary after the official publication of the book, both author and publisher decided to preserve them in the official release anyway. So if something appears to be random; it’s not. And if something appears to be misplaced... it isn't.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Control overdose

People who are addicted to cocaine are called cocaine addicts. Heroin users are called heroin addicts. People who are addicted to an illegal and unspecified drug, in a general conversation they are labeled with the term drug addicts. On the other hand, people who are addicted to alcohol are not called alcohol addicts... they are called alcoholics, boozers and drinkers. While people who are addicted to cigarettes are called smokers instead of what they really are... nicotine addicts. 

When a cocaine addict uses more cocaine than his body can handle, we say that this person has overdosedWhen an alcohol addict uses more alcohol than his body can handle, we say that this person got drunk, wasted, smashed or pissed.

Soft language; common, boring and over-used verbs that can be referring to any number of activities that doesn't involve the use of any addictive substances. Overdose is a strong word. A powerful, beautiful word. It conveys the concept of "using too much of something" flawlessly. When you hear the word overdose, you know immediately that someone took something in quantities that his body couldn't handle. 

But we don't use that word for alcohol, do we? Even though alcohol overdose is the most frequent and most common form of overdose there is. A smoker is not doing nicotine like a heroin addict does heroin, he is smoking, puffing and having a cigarette. That's right, he has a cigarette... not doing a cigarette.

Truth is that you had no choice over the matter. Your alcohol and nicotine dealers took the words overdose and addict on your behalf and replaced them with cute, common, low-impact words in order to make you think that every time you use their drugs you're engaging in a cute, common and low-impact activity. Well, you're not. You're an addict getting a fix.

If you want to control people you need to control thought. 
In order to control thought... you need to control language.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Entertain we must!

I have seen many social activists out on the streets in protest for the recent developments in Syria. They will change nothing. The US is not only an imperialistic state, it's also an imperialistic economy. It depends heavily on its weapons industry to keep its economy going and for that reason, every now and then they have to free up some space in their warehouses so the weapons manufacturers can justify their multi-billion dollar contracts.

What I find really disturbing nowadays is that social activists, instead of holding signs, banners and Molotov bombs in their hands during these protests like the good old days... they are now holding iPads.

Entertainment... such a strong word, isn't it?

An activist protesting against the system with an iPad in his hand is like slicing your own wrists and expecting your neighbor to die. You have bought an iPhone, an iPad and an iPod and you have already signed a gazillion agreements with iTunes...

...if you want to change the world, instead of investing on the iStore try investing on iDeals and iDeas.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Please! Love me!

I went through a period of complete creative inactivity these past few months because I had to dedicate all my time and energy in the production of the second edition of The Unwords which will be officially released on September 1st. Now that I have more spare time in my hands I will pick up where I left off concerning my next project and of course, this blog.

The Unwords is divided into three thematic chapters, each with its own purpose. But what these three chapters have in common (besides the obvious) is that I express my dislike about advertising and marketing one way or another in all three chapters, even though this subject is not the central theme of any of them. My anonymity is vital for my work for many reasons, and one of those reasons is because I know the truth about what is really going on inside a publisher's head.

Publishers don't want you -the reader- to fall in love with a book they publish... they want you to fall in love with its author. If you fall in love with any given book, you will probably search to find other works by the same author. But it doesn't mean you will love them too; there's a good chance you might hate them. But (and this is where the publisher's mind falls into the wrenching abyss of advertising and monetary interest) if you promote the author enough... not the book; the author.  If you really choke him down deep into the public's throat through advertising campaigns and constant media exposure, just enough to make readers fall in love with him as a persona, as a presence and as an idol, then the quality of his work doesn't really matter anymore. Readers will buy his work, not because they are interested in what he has to say... but because it's him that says it. When a famous author is being interviewed about his latest book, haven't you ever wondered why they spend 80% of the interview talking about the author himself and not the actual book? They mention the title of the book, it's release date, a small synopsis about the plot and... that's it! The rest of the time, they talk about the author. Well, now you know why...

Publishers are not trying to sell books, this is the harsh, honest truth. They're trying to sell authors to you. This is the main reason why if you are an unknown, you will most likely not be getting signed by a traditional publisher any time soon. Unknowns are hard to sell and cost a lot of money to promote and If they don't succeed into making the author lovable, they know that every time a new book is out, they will have to start their marketing all over again from scratch... and in the marketing world, everything that starts from scratch costs a shit load of money!

I have always distanced myself from this mentality. I consider it a scam and I have no desire to be a part of it. At the end of the day, it's just another highly inventive way the "business man" has come up with in order to manipulate people. I don't want this shit in between my work and my reader, I consider it offensive. I don't even want myself to be in between my work and my reader. Many have enjoyed reading The Unwords but that doesn't mean the same people will enjoy The Torn Apart. I know I have to start from scratch and honestly, I find that really exciting and emotionally accelerating. There are no guarantees, no pretenses, no nonsense to distract my reader....

...with every word I start from zero and I wouldn't have it any other way.