Thursday, 12 September 2013

Entertain we must!

I have seen many social activists out on the streets in protest for the recent developments in Syria. They will change nothing. The US is not only an imperialistic state, it's also an imperialistic economy. It depends heavily on its weapons industry to keep its economy going and for that reason, every now and then they have to free up some space in their warehouses so the weapons manufacturers can justify their multi-billion dollar contracts.

What I find really disturbing nowadays is that social activists, instead of holding signs, banners and Molotov bombs in their hands during these protests like the good old days... they are now holding iPads.

Entertainment... such a strong word, isn't it?

An activist protesting against the system with an iPad in his hand is like slicing your own wrists and expecting your neighbor to die. You have bought an iPhone, an iPad and an iPod and you have already signed a gazillion agreements with iTunes...

...if you want to change the world, instead of investing on the iStore try investing on iDeals and iDeas.

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