Monday, 16 September 2013

Control overdose

People who are addicted to cocaine are called cocaine addicts. Heroin users are called heroin addicts. People who are addicted to an illegal and unspecified drug, in a general conversation they are labeled with the term drug addicts. On the other hand, people who are addicted to alcohol are not called alcohol addicts... they are called alcoholics, boozers and drinkers. While people who are addicted to cigarettes are called smokers instead of what they really are... nicotine addicts. 

When a cocaine addict uses more cocaine than his body can handle, we say that this person has overdosedWhen an alcohol addict uses more alcohol than his body can handle, we say that this person got drunk, wasted, smashed or pissed.

Soft language; common, boring and over-used verbs that can be referring to any number of activities that doesn't involve the use of any addictive substances. Overdose is a strong word. A powerful, beautiful word. It conveys the concept of "using too much of something" flawlessly. When you hear the word overdose, you know immediately that someone took something in quantities that his body couldn't handle. 

But we don't use that word for alcohol, do we? Even though alcohol overdose is the most frequent and most common form of overdose there is. A smoker is not doing nicotine like a heroin addict does heroin, he is smoking, puffing and having a cigarette. That's right, he has a cigarette... not doing a cigarette.

Truth is that you had no choice over the matter. Your alcohol and nicotine dealers took the words overdose and addict on your behalf and replaced them with cute, common, low-impact words in order to make you think that every time you use their drugs you're engaging in a cute, common and low-impact activity. Well, you're not. You're an addict getting a fix.

If you want to control people you need to control thought. 
In order to control thought... you need to control language.

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