Monday, 7 October 2013

Fun trivia about The Unwords

1) The Unwords is the only book in the modern market that has neither an author’s name nor a publisher’s name on its front and back cover. Only the title is present.

2) The author was listening to the album “10,000 Days” by Tool during the entire creative process of The Unwords. The album was on repeat mode on his work computer for over five years.

3) The first chapter of The Unwords was the last one written and the closing sentence of The Unwords was the first sentence the author wrote when he began the project in 2005.

4) In 2012, The Unwords became a Goodreads Choice Award Finalist, the first ever book to be nominated in the history of Goodreads that didn't have an identifiable author.

5) The official release day of the second edition of The Unwords was September 1st, 2013. It was a Sunday... bookstores are shut on Sundays.

6) Due to his anonymity, the author created five different ways he could prove his real identity from within the contents of the book as a way to protect his work from copyright infringement during the book’s pre-publication period. Even though these methods of identification were no longer necessary after the official publication of the book, both author and publisher decided to preserve them in the official release anyway. So if something appears to be random; it’s not. And if something appears to be misplaced... it isn't.

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