Thursday, 12 July 2012


I don't understand the logic behind the term "neo-nazi." First of all...there's nothing "neo" about them. It's the same bankrupt, Mussolini-founded, Nietzsche-influenced, 100 year old ideology served in the exact same manor with nothing new to offer other than what it has already offered...which is mostly death, destruction, racism, genocide, hatred and stupidity.

Second of all, the word "neo" actually derives from the Greek word "neos..." which means "new" or "recent." Isn't it ironic when, the people who support an ideology which strives for world domination of their own, specific race in the expense of all the other "lower" races, can't even speak adequately without using other "lower" languages?

Stop calling these guys "neo-nazis." It's their pathetic attempt to make their ideology sound contemporary and to exclude themselves from having to take responsibility for all the pain and suffering their "daddies" brought upon the world not so long ago. "No, it wasn't us who were responsible for the holocaust, it was the nazis...we're not nazis, we're neo-nazis." As if placing a "neo" in front of a big Mac would make it anything other than a big Mac...

Don't let them get away with it that easily. If they want to preserve Hitler's little masterpiece, fine...but let's cut the bullshit and call it what it's called Nazism...and there's nothing "neo" about it.


  1. "Neo-" is a prefixoid which is nowadays misused. Its denotation is "new", but the connotation is in most cases "modern". So, neonazism is probably a word for a modern form of nazism, no matter the fact that it actually is the nazism in its basis.
    The same thing happens with "extra-". It should mean "additional" or something, but in slang it means "awesome". LOL! "It was an extra party!" Afterparty maybe??? :D
    Have you noticed how nazism is starting to grow? Especially in Sweden... The new modern illness: amnesia! People seem to forget the past horrors. The real horrors of wars and killings. Life means nothing and we, the believers, should cherish life and be grateful for every single breath. Instead, we're destroying it.

  2. You couldn't be more correct... I myself I'm very surprised at fascism's popularity in countries like Sweden. I've met many Swedish and I have many friends there and they, as a race, are hardly what I'd call "fascist." But then again, if you think about it, fascism was invented in Italy, and the Italian people are the most cool, chill-out people I I guess its the quiet one's you got to watch. :)

  3. Well, the barking dog will not harm you, although there might be some exceptions. Swedish people are not fascists, it isn't in their nature. They are calm and kind and will rarely come into a conflict. They like being in the middle, almost never expressing their opinion about a problem. Norwegian people are completely different - more alive I guess. :D
    The thing about Sweden, in my opinion, are numerous emigrants. Stockholm is f. ex. half Serbian half Arabian - can you imagine? It's another Belgrade (only smaller). During the Second World War and after Sweden was declared as neutral, but they actually were on the nazi side. In the history book you'll find that they were threatened by Germans and that they were forced to stand side by side with Hitler. During and after the War, they had all sorts of experiments regarding genetics and Aryan race. The true Aryan is blond, tall, handsome, pale, with certain height and weight. Finns never matched the Aryan standards, so they were either slaughtered or banished. The experiments they took were based on the reproduction of the Aryan people. So, they would find a woman and a man with genetically similar characteristics who would "mate" and "produce" an Aryan baby. The experiments continued after the war, but in secrecy.
    The Finnish people who lived in Sweden (Lappland mostly) were abused, killed, used for experiments, tortured... well, just like Slavs, Jews and Gypsies. A Finnish child was not allowed to speak its language, f. ex. The torture of Finnish children who attended Swedish schools lasted till 1950's. No. 1960's. There is a very good, one of the best movies I've ever seen and also one of my favorites, called "Elina som om jag inte fanns". It's based on the lower position of Finnish kids theme. So, if you wish... watch it. :)
    What nazi people could not understand is that the real Aryan race, the Gypsies, has its origin in India, where people are not German like. Also, Finns are perfectly matched to their model of an Aryan.
    I will never accept the foolishness of people. We are stupid and evil and envious. But, what's the purpose? You've got only one life and it's too short to waste it on killing and hating. Why can't people be satisfied with what they have / possess? It's not hard to be thankful. It doesn't matter if your only material possession is a piece of cloth. It's yours. It doesn't matter if you don't have curly hair or green eyes. Be thankful for what you have and how you look like. That's the way God created you and why couldn't you be His masterwork?