Thursday, 12 July 2012

All the wrong questions

It's funny how people seem to avoid all the right questions at the worst time imaginable...

Obama declares that even though he is against it, he was forced to sign a law that allows the detention of any citizen suspected of terrorist act indefinitely, without the right to a lawyer or trial and everybody asked "why?" Though the right question would be...

"Who is forcing you to sign it?" 

The same way when a bank or nation goes bankrupt and all the media seem to ask and care about is "how did it come to this?" or "who is responsible for this?" When the real question should be...

"To whom you got bankrupt to?"

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  1. You know that the answers to these and other similar questions aren't easy to get? Actually, they hide it so well knowing that there are people like you who do use their brains. This has become a terrorism, no matter if there is a war in your country or not. I got so mad yesterday listening to the news, hearing that those jerks cannot form a government. Hearing that one single guy (a drunk and a thief, a murderer probably, minister of police or sth) wishes two positions in one single government. Two salaries (which can get near to 2000 - 3000 euros, which is too much, 'cause one ordinary citizen doesn't even get 300). He's in Germany right now, shitting about the previous gov. Plus, it's impossible to send a ordinary e-mail to the mayor and complain about the public transportation and stuff... Well, I couldn't stop there, I wrote some things I shouldn't have. I don't want to die young, but I cannot be silent... :( My Guardianship doesn't tolerate that. :D And I will send my email of anger to many people worldwide if they do nothing. I'm not a thing, an object and they are treating us like pigs! I would treat the pigs better because I love pigs. We are approaching "The Judgment Day", my dear... :(
    Foreign banks... :) So many foreign banks and one or two national banks. :) Who gets our money? Foreign investors (a very very popular phrase)... instead of giving benefits to the people and letting them improve economy, they are negotiating with the investors from EU. We know who is responsible... You just need to be a fool and announce it.

    One more thing... Obama is a only a puppet. But who are the puppeteers? Prison Break and Scylla project? The X Files and Area 51? Why can't it all be true? Nostradamus... why not? Many of his prophecies came true and many others are happening right now as I write this. You don't have to believe the prophets. Bible is enough. The Tarabic brothers too.