Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Carolina Logic

On the above map, North Carolina is in red and South Carolina is in blue.

As you can see quite clearly, both North and South Carolina are located...on the EAST side of the country.
Now, if you take any child between the age of 5-10 years old who doesn't know geography at all and ask him/her to guess where "North Carolina" and South Carolina" are on the map, they will naturally assume that North Carolina is somewhere in the North (probably where Minnesota is now) and South Carolina in the South (most probably where Texas is now). 

Some adults might rush to conclusions and call the kid stupid...some might simply "correct" the child while adopting an arrogant slight smile on their face as the all-knowing and all-powerful grown-ups. And most, if not all of the adults, will credit the child's "wrong" guess as a result of childhood innocence, ignorance, lack of education and naivety, when in fact, not only the child's answer wasn't the product of all of the above, but it was actually the absolute DEFINITION of COMMON SENSE and correct use of INTELLIGENCE and LOGIC!

The correct terms to use for these two states would be "Upper Carolina" and "Lower Carolina" in relevance to their place on the map. The "North" and "South" terms used today are false, misleading, completely inaccurate and stupid.

So adults, please...do the world a favour and just leave logic and intelligence to the children, ok? You're way out of your league here... 

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