Monday, 18 February 2013

The Unguests - Media in decline

We have become accustomed in learning to think, or learning to create a way of thinking, in accordance to the media and the content we see every day in news or soap operas or stuff we read in trashy magazines. We have programmed and modified our brains to think in a way that is acceptable by media and those few who are considered to be the “intellectual elite” which dictate acceptable social behavior. One could wonder what “acceptable” and "behavior" really mean today. It means limiting your beliefs and principles to what TV tells you. TV is creating today’s society. 

Certain people are not acceptable. Certain cultural streams are not acceptable. Certain fashion styles are not acceptable. 

I saw a man standing in a bus the other day. He was unshaved, unwashed, worried and alone. He had an old yellow suitcase where he probably packed his whole life inside. Some kids entered the same bus and as one of them sniffed through the air, the other laughed and said: “He’s behind you, man”. He… True, his clothes smelled bad because the poor guy had no house, no bathroom. This is all happening in the 21st. century, the high tech age with phones and clothes people call “smart”. I looked at his face and realized that he did not care about people, the sky, the birds or the river. That man was drowning in his own troubles. What would a group of teenagers know about troubles and one’s demons? Their brains are based on very simple processes and as such, they fitted the pattern. The man with the yellow suitcase is not a part of that pattern, because he smells bad. 

You’re homeless? OK, it’s not a big deal, you weren't lucky enough, but be good in this life and in your next life God will reward you with a castle. Meanwhile we need to put you on the margins of our beautiful society. The same rule applies to the unemployed, smokers and single mothers. Our society will reject you if you are different in any possible way. 

Those kids mentioned above are the new nationalists of Serbia. Born in the 1990’s during the war, dictatorship, turbo folk expansion and rise of new capitalists. They are the future builders of this land, controlled by sick media – TV or gossip magazines, which tell them how to think and what to do, creating retarded young people – nationalists. Just as I thought that we were leaving hate and prejudices behind, new stream of old conservatism came into life once again. This “new” conservatism is recruiting kids and sending them the message that our neighbors hate us and that only some specific nations love us. The guy who wrote the true history of my country is hidden somewhere in the United States. Americans hate us, of course. What they don’t think about is that a nation is not its government... a nation is not the voice of their local TV stations, but the people themselves, and they have a voice of their own.

People are brought into life in order to be creative and broad-minded and free. No one needs to remind me what I am and what I’m supposed to do, especially not the modern media. 


  1. I wish that wasn't the case but you are absolutely right...

    1. There are people who spend entire days watching TV. That doesn't mean that they believe every word they hear, it means they are addicted.

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