Monday, 16 July 2012

...and justice for some

When you kill a man, premeditated or by accident, you go to jail for murder. If the man you killed raped and killed your wife and daughter, you will still go to jail for murder. The justice system does not consider any act of vengeance or retribution as justifiable and the judge will simply not care if your victim deserved it...

...unless you're the president of that country of course.

The United States government has hunted down and killed Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Housein for obvious reasons. Was it murder? Yes...they did not exactly die of natural causes. Was it an act of vengeance and retribution? Of course...these two individuals have been enemies of the United States government for quite some time now. Did they deserve it? Of course they did! they were the poster boys for every heartless, mass murdering socio-path in the planet. Should the justice system care that they deserved it?...

...No! If you have the right to send me, a citizen, to rot in jail because I killed out of vengeance the murderer of my wife and child, then I don't see why the United States government should get away with the hunting and killing of Bin Laden, which was an act of vengeance for the 9/11 catastrophe. Did they both deserve to be killed? Yes. Were they both murdered? Yes. Does justice serve both of us?... No. The justice system will punish the citizen, while it will pardon everyone involved with the assassination of Bin Laden, even though they both conducted the SAME action.

I am a firm believer of justifiable homicide...and so is nature. I approve the ridding of cold-hearted, mass-murdering maniacs. But I am also a greater admirer of consistency, fairness and rationality. You being sentenced to jail for a justifiable homicide while your government is allowed to kill off all its enemies with no consequences (and we all know that these type of murders are not always justifiable) is the absolute definition of  injustice and social discrimination! If there is one thing we've learned so far, after hearing so many excuses by presidents of so many countries, for killing off entire populations in acts of retribution, national profit-making and plain old fashion greed, it's this:

...There is no closer connection 
than the one between politics and nonsense!


  1. Although I don't agree with you on the death penalty I can see your point. I always wonder if there is a good enough excuse for killing all these "enemies of the state" while the whole world is watching. The excuse of common people not retaliating against this self-righteousness. I guess it's where brainwashing comes in...

  2. Capital punishment is not something I support actually...when I said justifiable homicide I meant any form of killing that was enforced by a natural law...not a man-made law. Retaliation is embedded in nature its self, which is quite evident once you try to steal a young wolf from its group...the entire pack will hunt you down, massacre you, and it won't be because they were hungry. I believe humans, even with their logic and superior intelligence, are not independent by the natural order of things. When you play with fire, the fire burns you...when you hurt a snake, it doesn't bite to bites to kill. Simple as that... nature commands it, and approves it.

    So I can understand retaliation, it's not "pretty" but at least it makes sense. If its one thing we shouldn't be proud of as a species, is the fact that we are more "creative" than we should be...we have found all sorts of "entertaining" and "artistic" ways to kill each other off. Killing for national interests, fun, profit, selfishness, establishing order and social restrictions to control the masses (death penalty)...these are not natural examples of aggression...we made them up.

    Brainwashing unfortunately is a necessity to the system its self. I try through my writings to show a way of thinking that cuts through all that. It is incredibly hard, cause we are literally bombarded every day from a very young age to think in a certain way...under some certain criteria. The government uses that mentality to serve its interests, and unfortunately...after thousands of years of practice, they have become exceptionally good at it.