Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Unwords nominated for a "Goodreads Choice Award" in the category of "Poetry"

Readers of The Unwords are aware of the difficulties and limitations I face due to a non-existent marketing and advertising budget. The only choice I had from the beginning was to simply throw The Unwords out there and let the readers decide its fate. So I was really happy to see The Unwords being nominated for a "Goodreads Choice Award" this year. I have kept my distance from writing contests and submitting for "awards" these 9 months since I published The Unwords due to the obvious exploitative nature of these fee-based "contests." What Goodreads is doing is worthy of praise and mention, for allowing the readers themselves to vote for their favourite books, for not going after their money like hounds, and for basically letting the community (which is now close to 12 million strong I believe) enjoy their time there and do what they do

I am honoured to have The Unwords on such a "heavy" list, which includes 2 Pulitzer Prize winners... and if you have enjoyed my work, please take the time to cast your vote on the link below. It would be a tremendous push for The Unwords, for self-published authors, and basically the closest The Unwords will ever get to being advertised in any way. Thank you for your help and support.

                            Spread The Unwords...           ...Leave Nothing Unsaid


  1. Thanks Tzell... I've never got my ass kicked by 4 Pulitzer prize winners before, should be fun... :)