Monday, 7 January 2013

Tearing the atheist apart

I saw this photo by accident on Facebook and I just had to share it with you. For those who might be checking out this blog for the first time: I am a Gnostic. Meaning that I don't believe in anything for which there is not already a solid scientific knowledge-base for available to study. Therefore I do not believe in any of the current gods. And believe me, I've had my share of hearing some really bullshit pro-religious arguments so far. But if there's one thing I despise more than bullshit religious arguments from believers, it's bullshit anti-religious arguments from non-believers.

This guy posted this pic to show that the christian priests shake hands the same way the Jewish shake hands, implying a conspiracy connection between the christian and the masonic establishment. Well, yeah it's true dude, they shake the same way as the Jews. It's also the same way the Muslims place their hands when they pray as well by the way. You know why?...'s because they all worship the same god!

It's the God of the old testament for all three of these religions! And yes, they share common customs and traditions, OBVIOUSLY! Really man, seriously?! Do you know how easy it is to hammer religion? Pedophilia, homophobia, extremism, authoritarianism, a gazillion superstitions, the earth is 6 thousand years old, a man living inside a whale, an apple eaten by some brainless twat inside a garden being the cause of why you catch a cold every now and then, the stars created after the earth, a giant boat with 2 million animals inside floating around in the ocean, the fucking crusades for Christ's sake! And out of all that, the best you can come up with is... the way they shake hands?!! I can tolerate illogical behavior from believers, through repetition they have become exceptional at it and it's something you kind of anticipate. But sorry, I expect more knowledge and logic from the group that claims knowledge and logic as their ultimate weapon.

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