Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Unguests

For the entire month of February, the official blog of The Unwords will be hosting articles written by fellow writers who I personally enjoy reading their work and who were willing to help me in keeping this blog active at a time when the process of writing The Torn is taking most, if not all of my time. The objective of this blog is and always has been, to expose the thoughts-taboo no one dares to express. To shout fearlessly what we have all decided collectively that must remain unsaid and to free all aspects of our social, spiritual and personal lives from hypocrisy and false representations.

The writers that will be featured are people I trust to deliver solid, quality writing and they have agreed to provide material which will be in line with the blog's overall thematic direction. Their views do not necessarily reflect my own personal views on the subjects they will elaborate upon, nor will I be moderating their writings in any way. I believe this is a good opportunity to inject a fresh voice in this blog by people I know first hand that they have exceptional skills in writing and I would like to thank everyone for their participation in this project.

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