Saturday, 7 July 2012


I represent a generation of USB's and hard drives. I am the direct product of a culture based on fake appearances, mono-layered, self-obsessed personalities, techno-drum&base and "0.99" price tags. 

An entire generation, like zombie victims to advertising, to psychological manipulation, expert advisers in apathy with a Phd in fear...fear of dying. Fear of loss. Fear of not being good enough, not beautiful enough, not successful enough...Fear of tomorrow and worshippers of dishonest, filthy words...verbs, adjectives, nouns, the language of fear. Insipid and shallow, nothing but a burden to the tongue and slaves to our cold breath.

Make no mistake. Fear will destroy you. Fear will devour all that you are and everything that you adore around you. Fear is what drives you to do nothing, when you know damn well you need to do something. Fear is the one who whispers gently in your ear every night; "you have to wake up on time, you have work tomorrow," not your lover. Fear is the first you say good morning to and the last you say goodnight to. Fear is what forces you to cherish tomorrow and commands that you do anything you can possibly do to secure it. Lie, kill, prosper, manipulate, exploit, buy, buy more, buy all that you for the future, worship the future...this day means nothing, the future and only the future matters. People value them selves so much that leads to a constant fear of dying...You can never have enough, you need more. You don't have enough money, you don't have enough goods, you don't have enough time, you don't have enough lovers, you don't have enough life, enough days... ENOUGH! Enough lies! Truth is...

...You live and die on this day! 

Every morning I rise! I rise with the rising sun like a new-born child and every night I close my eyes to sleep, I die...Yes! I will fade away tonight and I will embrace the blackness with open arms. Every morning I am born...with no pride, no scars, with nothing to remember nor to forget. There was no yesterday...there will be no tomorrow, no future to hope for...only this day! Even in fifty years, if someone asks me how old I am I will speak nothing but the truth and say "I am one day old." This day is my entire life-span and every day I rise with no inheritance, no self. No tomorrow to prepare for. No yesterday to be hold captive by. Every morning the mirror speaks to me and he has no reason to lie.

"You have no future." He says. "You have no past. You have no name face, no value today. Cherish your loved ones and love them with all your heart today. Honour them with every single word that will come out of your mouth today. Fight! Fight for them with all your strength today! This is all your loved ones will ever have to remember you by...Do not save a single breath in your lungs today! You will have no fear today!  Prepare yourself cause this is it... You live and die on this day! There was no yesterday. There will be no tomorrow...only this day!"

My lover, my friend, my youth!
Have no fear and rise!
Rise like the rising sun!!
Look into your loved one's eyes...

...You have until night fall.

This is your battlefield...

This is it...
There will be no tomorrow...

...only this day!