Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Stain

I used to think that I was from another world...

Partly due to my ethics, but mostly for a self-indulgent need to feel special, separate ones self from the group. An artist's eternal stain on his personality, which I'm sure many can relate to...

A constant need for acceptance...praise, recognition. An appetite for self-promotion and a sort of addiction to other's opinion. Do not believe the artist's main focus is to promote...not to create. This hasn't always been the case though. This is the direct product of a consuming culture and has been evident and in parallel  expansion with the invention of television, corporate advertising and marketing. To make my point simple, I will say this: Homer and Dante never promoted their work...but they are considered legends and masters of their craft, due to the quality of their work. But if Stephen King didn't promote his work...what chance would he have in reaching the same level of recognition..regardless of the quality of his work? Absolutely none. 

Because for the past 100 years, artistic success has not been the result of the actual quality of the artist's work...but a direct result of marketing, advertising techniques and promotion. An author's talent is his business...his work is the prostitute...and his reader is a customer.

But no...

I realise now, that this is my world.

You see, in my world, when I am fortunate enough to meet another individual who has something to say, I listen...I pay attention to what he says and I don't just pretend to care until I find ways to let him know of my new "product." In my world, when I see someone, anyone, conducting even the most subtle of movements, engaging in the most routinely, innocent activities...I realise the charisma that lays before me. I appreciate it...I admire it. I do not exploit it...I do not put a price on it.

In my world...every minute I spend watching you I consider it a minute well "spent." This is how the world really is. So the next time you meet someone casually in the street and all you can think about is how to get him to subscribe to your blog, or buy your book from Amazon, while constantly reminding yourself that he is not worth your time in any other way...Just remember my words: 

"You do not belong here!"

Yes...this is my world. 
A world of honor. A kingdom of ethics.
And missing you now is how I pay the price...of looking at people with care, only to see people...

...never to care for me.

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