Thursday, 26 July 2012

The age of man

The term "Dark Ages" is used to describe the period in between the fall of the Roman empire and the Italian renaissance. I always wondered why only this period is referred as the "dark" period of humanity since human history has been suffering by the same social problems continuously since day one. As if the Roman empire was a model for peace and if the Greeks before them didn't abuse their women and didn't uphold democracy for their own race and slavery for "the lesser races." And don't get me started on the Egyptians... imagine how many slaves gave their lives (unwillingly of course) building those pyramids just so the Faraos could have something to gaze at in the morning while having their breakfast. Ask African people what they thought of the Italian "renaissance", when more than 20 million African people were taken from their tribes and sent to serve as slaves in spanish-italian-british-american territories...which were stolen territories to begin with. If that period between the 6th and 13th century A.D was dark, then  how would you describe our precious little 20th century with 2 world wars, 120 wars in general, 160 million people dead and 1 billion people starving to death by the time we reached the end of it... darker? Grey maybe? actually call this period the "modern age" because...of television!

Yes...people were dying by the millions and all we had in our minds was how to put colour in that plastic little box in our kitchen. Africa and Asia have been plundered with genocide, poverty and starvation and all we could think about was going to the moon, so we could take pictures and look down at...what? This mess?!!!

Truth is...there has never been any other age than the dark age. Artistic and technological achievements of the human race have been merely decorative. You want proof? Ask yourself this; At what period in human history, was fiction more horrifying than reality? Go me ONE!

If you can find me a world more sickening and disturbing, than the one in which there is nothing more sickening and disturbing than the truth...then I'm all ears!


  1. I pass, sadly I have no response to that...

  2. :( Maybe there is some truth in the first sin theory. Age(s) is (are) dark 'cause people are too evil.

  3. People are not evil in nature...doing evil is very different than being evil. Any man can do evil deeds,it only takes one wrong calculation, one wrong thought, wrong motive, one emotional conflict, and man can do evil. But an evil man...cannot do good. And I don't believe there has ever been such a man. Even Stalin, with all his evil-doings and brutalities, was capable of doing good, like we all are...and he probably did some good at some point in his life...before he became a mass-murdering fuck head.

    The Torn will have something to say about the original sin's funny that you mentioned it, cause that's the chapter I'm actually writing now. :)

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