Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My will be undone! My voice be unheard!

Religious fundamentalists, radical extremists and dogmatics all around the world will urge you to kneel down and raise your hands in the air...as high in the air as you can and shout your faith to the various one and only true gods and goddesses you might be following. "Raise them high! Higher!" they say; "Shout your faith as loud as you can so everyone can hear you! So every corner of the universe can hear your prayers!!" The so-called "spiritual leaders" of this world, feeding off of people's fear of mortality and frustration. Merchants of a perversive eternity which lasts a second or two and is a privilege only to the "chosen ones", pimps of "exclusive wisdom" and sellers of the everlasting after-life... or is it "after-death?" Being all-powerful and all-wise you would expect of them to at least know the basics of linguistics...

Stand up! You being here today, is physiological proof that your blood has been flowing in the veins of this world non-stop for the past 200 thousand years!! How dare you let these people "sell" you immortality so easily? How can you dishonour your immortal blood-line so foolishly, by preaching submissive, shallow words and conducting even shallower acts?! Next time a priest of any religion tells you "kneel down, you are nothing but a mortal" you reply with pride and say "my blood is older than your religion!" Next time a patriot tells you "go die for your flag! Your country is all that matters, you are nothing but a mortal" you slit your hand and let your blood shout "I have been here longer than any flag known to man!"

Keep your fists closed as tight as you can!
The universe will hear your voice, deafening and crystal clear...
your shouts will be carved under every stone, every molecule, every breath of fresh air...
and you don't even have to raise your tone....
in fact...

...you don't even have to say a single word!


  1. Excellent! Could not have said it better!

  2. I am a calm guy...you will have a hard time finding a way to raise my pulse... but whenever I hear some douche-bag preaching about "the after-life" and that "faith in the divine is the only path that leads to eternal life" it just pisses me off. :)

    First of all, the use of the term "after-life" to describe immortality is completely false. The after-life is death! That's what follows after life...death. It's common sense... The term "after-death" is what should be used instead of "after-life," cause truth is, if there is eternal life, it obviously comes after-death. LOL Just by thinking about it makes me laugh, it's so obvious yet no one pays attention to how stupid the term "after-life" is when used to describe immortality.

  3. I get really agree too, to the point where I say to myself "Just don't even bother with the facts"! It's very very frustrating, especially if you are facing "educated" people with such beliefs. I'm not saying I know everything but really we ought to get educated before we "believe"!

    Not the case unfortunately!