Sunday, 22 July 2012

The follow-up to The Unwords has a title and cover...but still no author.

The Torn Apart is in its early stage of production. There is no official release date at this time, due to the fact that the writing is not yet complete, but it is scheduled to be released sometime in 2013. This is an early cover preview and the first tagline to be officially attached to the project. More visuals and samples will be featured frequently as The Torn approaches its completion.


  1. :) Can't wait. A question, which you may ignore or answer: Why this sign? Just curious...

  2. The Torn sign has multiple meanings to embraces all of my beliefs, my ethical code and all the knowledge I have acquired so far in my life...all united under this very simplistic in design, but at the same time, very complicated in interpretation sign.

    The V and its opposite, the greek L, symbolise the female and its male counterpart. The genre distinction is the only distinction I accept within the race of humans. Other distinctions such as skin colour, ethnicity or sexuality are completely discarded and deemed false. The V (female) is elevated and shadows the male, which is a direct symbolisation of my belief in what I refer to as "the sacred female."

    When the two get connected, a solid square forms in a diamond shape out of their union. I cannot elaborate on the square without giving away spoilers about The Torn...

    Also, as was the case with The Unwords, I tend to name my projects in a very literal way, though most people see the title as symbolic at first. After you read The Unwords you realise why the title wasn't "The Unspoken" or "The Unsaid," even though these titles would've fitted better with the context as you read through it...the literal interpretation of un-words is "the opposite of words"...which is of course,"action." With the ending of The Unwords, the book is not words any becomes an act. So is the case with The Torn Apart...if you tear anything apart, like a piece of paper, or a bank note (hint, hint)you will realise that the natural movement you use to tear it forms a V...your hands come together to catch the paper and as you tear it apart, your hands move away from each other, forming a V pattern of movement...

    There are other symbolisms that I can't elaborate upon at this time, it's too soon....but when it's all done you will be the first to know, I promise. :)

  3. That's what I thought you might say. :) Thanks. I'm not going to ask any more questions before I read the new book. V as a womb... :) The opposite V is also L in Serbian.
    And thank you for giving me this privilege... :)

  4. What I forgot to say... regarding The Un-Words...
    People always do something. When you ask a person what he / she is doing, you'll get answers like: doing laundry, making a chair, reading etc. It's doing. Not acting. An act is hard to achieve. There are many reasons for that. The crucial one is that people are not aware of their doings, they just - do. Without thinking. And there is always something that distracts them - various excuses with no basis. Being a pessimist, I can say with certainty that there will never come a day when we will actually wake up and start acting, not doing and talking empty talks.