Friday, 6 July 2012

Honey...I'm not home

There is a misconception concerning the matter of home ownership which most people do not acknowledge...

A homeless person is not the the individual who has no shelter over his head. A homeless person is an individual who does not own a home...hence the word "home-less."

If you are still in debt for your house, you do not have a home...the bank does. The bank simply let's you live there the same way the government lets homeless people find refuge in state shelters. The people in these shelters are still considered "homeless people" even though they do have shelter over their heads... temporarily of course. The same way your own bank-owned shelter is temporary since it can be taken away from you by its owners if you fail to meet your loan payments.

Just because you have shelter over your head, it doesn't mean that you have a home... are homeless.


  1. The real "home owners" are in the business of destroying people's (especially young couple's) lives...I'd choose being homeless over being one of them in a heartbeat... home ownership is just the modern version of slavery, nothing more, nothing less. Slaves used to work like dogs so their masters would continue to provide them with shelter and food...sounds familiar?

    1. Sounds all too familiar! Great thoughts! Makes me kind of proud to be home-less :)